Cloud Mining Script & Theme
Cloud mining brings the principle of outsourcing computational work to cryptocurrency mining, the process of running powerful computers that mine for coins like bitcoin, litecoin, and dogecoin. Instead of buying expensive computers to mine these coins yourself, you can rent the computing power of a specialized miner from a cloud mining company.
You can view all the capabilities of the script as admin and user before purchase:
Admin/User Email: admin
Admin/User Pass: 123456
Payment Gateways:
    • Coinpayments
    • PayKassa
    • CoinGate
    • GoURL
    • FaucetPay
    • CryptAPI
    • SendBit
  • — Instant Deposits and Withdrawals
  • — Compatible with all supported coins on PayKassa
  • — Affiliate Program with fixed percentage
  • — Users can buy mining power
  • — Automatic mining power deactivation
  • — Reinvest option
  • — Latest deposits, withdrawals and User Activities
  • — Referrals List with hits counter
  • — Profit Calculator
  • — GDPR Banner
First installation is free. In case of any problem, support will be provided for 1-2 weeks.
Here’s how a typical cloud mining system works:
    • Selection of Cryptocurrency: Users choose which cryptocurrency they want to mine. Bitcoin is the most popular, but many other cryptocurrencies can be mined through cloud mining services.
    • Selection of Mining Plan: Cloud mining providers offer different plans with varying amounts of hashing power (processing power). Users can select a plan based on their budget and mining goals.
    • Contract Duration: Users typically enter into a contract with the cloud mining provider for a specific duration. The contract could last for a few months or even several years.
    • Payment: Users pay for the chosen hashing power and contract duration. Payments are often made in cryptocurrencies


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